Authentic – Original Indian Pav Bhaji recipe

Authentic – Original Indian Pav Bhaji recipe

When it comes to Indian street foods, there are many recipes that have been feeding the young professionals and the strugglers all across the towns.

Since they are easy to cook, easily available and simply get fit to your budget, they come up as the most affordable options for the people who are living away to their families.

Authentic Pav Bhaji

However, we can’t say that it is preferred by Indians only, the inhabitants from the different parts of the world who visit to India like this recipe. Its tantalizing taste, pleasing aroma and stuffing is just amazing.

If you are truly the fan of fast food, then you will just love the Pav Bhaji spice mix that, though takes a bit time to prepare but its scrumptious taste makes you go crazy about it. If you are looking ahead to try out the Authentic Pav Bhaji Spice Mix then here you can find the recipe.

Pav Bhaji Authentic Recipe

This dish comes really handy for the people who are too busy to cook. It works as the amazing treat that you can pull on in a Sunday morning breakfast and eaten with the freshly toasted and thick-cut bread along with the cup of the hot tea.


It has various spicy versions that you can try out with squeak and bubble. But apart from taking it in lunch, it could also make a great dinner meal.

Pav Bhaji Authentic Recipe Cooking process

The cooking process for Pav Bhaji Authentic Recipe is relatively easy. All you need is just a large flat frying pan along with a potato masher. In order to have the right texture, you need to have all necessary ingredients.

Once you collected all the required ingredients then the cooking process will be quote fast. Just mix the entire ingredient properly and continually mash it with little water to get the smooth texture. Afterwards, make a well in the center of the pan; add some butter along with the ginger, garlic and your spice mix.

Pav Bhaji

Then blend it properly through the vegetables and after the short cooking time, take it off the heat and serve it with little extra butter.

As long as you have the Pav Bhaji Spice Mix available in your fridge and the vegetable, you can cook pav bhaji anytime you want and treat yourself with the complete satisfying meal.

You can keep on experimenting while trying out the other vegetable you wish where cauliflower and carrot stand as the most popular ingredient when it comes to cook Pav Bhaji.

Pav Bhaji

We Indians have invented a lot of fast food dishes that, as of now are not just popular in India but its aroma has spread all across the globe. That’s why every foreigner who pay their visit to India, especially in Mumbai never forget to try out Pav Bhaji.

Its temptation is so mesmerizing and amazing that you can’t resist, especially when you are a true street food lover.

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