Gharana, simply means a family or house hold living under one roof. In musical terms, it refers to a line of musicians, where musical knowledge is passed from generation to generation. Whilst in culinary terms, the knowledge of cooking food, blending of flavors of various spices and herbs is passed down from one generation to another.

Pandit Bhat, Ustad Alla Rakha and his Son Zakir Hussain, Ustad Bismillah Khan and Sri Subramanyu Pillai, originating from Jaipur, Punjab, Lucknow and Hyderabad Gharanas and were risen to fame with their chosen instruments:   the Mohan Veena, the Tabla, The Shehnai and Nirrddamgani respectively.

Jaipur Gharana

Jaipur Gharana –the Home of the Mohan Veena guitar like instrument slowly strummed by none other than the famous Pandit Vishmohan Bhat. The region offers a feast of fiery curries and exotic provincial creations. Gutsy flavours redolent with the region’s indigenous delights combine to produce a range of succulent kebabs and curries.

Punjab Gharana

Punjab Gharana is the rhythm house of India –made famous by Ustad Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain with their nimble fingers playing Tabla.

The captivating capital of Delhi is a mixture of old and new and is famous for Mughlai food. Purani Dilli is deliciously obsessed with kebabs but is equally well-known for its indulgent curries, grilled meats and a variety of spicy stews.

Lucknow Gharana

Lucknow Gharana where Ustad Bismillah Khan the Shehnai maestro hails from in the Northern province of Uttar Pradesh is known for its refined cuisine and sophisticated style.

The influence of Nawabs lingers in the delicately spiced cuisine of Lucknow which is extremely rich and liberally uses ingredients like cream, raisins, saffron, almonds and cashews.

Hyderabad Gharana

Hyderabad Gharana is the home of the Nirddamgani –a long Dhol like instrument made famous by Subramanyu Pillaiwhere the cuisine features many coastal delights including an enticing variety of fish and prawns. The Hyderabadi royals were famous for luxury and often one dish could be composed of as many as 32 rare spices. The dishes are full of aroma and vibrant in colour. Exploding with flavour, Hyderabadi Biryani is perhaps the regions best know gift.

Equally each Gharana has a proud claim to their individual delectable cuisine Indeed at Dubai’s Gharana, cuisine is like a Mahler symphony, its beauty evident but its construct encrypted.


The theme is ‘Regal Heritage’. The richness in the hues of the wall and the upholstery contrast with the oak furniture originating in Jaipur –  stained in gold leaf and natural –  is set off by a traditional Chandi Jhula (Silver swing)  welcoming the guests into the Ghar (home).

Seating can be in seclusion behind the Royal arch or on rectangle tables. Two glass topped tables are strategically placed under a dome, affectionately called the Maharajah and Maharani tables with their unique seats.

The regal heritage theme is also part of the bespoke crockery and the specially designed uniforms donned by highly trained staff.

Music plays a big part in the Gharana experience

With Ghazals, Bhuli Beesri Yadein,  Modern Bollywood or Classical tune’s. Gharana guarantees to get your fingers clicking, feet tapping or heads nodding to the rhythms produced by the resident singers. It has been known for the seniors to take their loved one to the dance floor, and the young to ‘Wah Wah’ to a request long before their time!

The Menu

Indian food is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. Our fascinating menu draws from the greatest cooking traditions of North, South, East and West India and features the finest desi delicacies. The magnificently diverse historic states of Lucknow, Delhi, Hyderabad and Rajasthan are known for their rich musical heritage and cuisines. Having been the cultural capitals during the country’s most glorious eras, each region prides itself with its own distinct style of cooking. The legendary Maharajas, Shahenshas, Nawabs and Sultans contributed immensely to the development of music and cuisines in their respective regions and at Gharana we offer you their most fabulous creations.

Gharana Signature dishes

Murgh Ghazala (Hyderabad – clay oven delicacy),  Nihari Al Subha(Lucknow – slow simmered fennel and ginger flavoured lamb shanks)  Dal Gharana (Punjab – slow cooked overnight Dal Makhni) and Litchi Rabdi  (Jaipur – saffron flavours of reduced milk contrasted with fresh lychees) are the signature dishes. Wash them down with your favourite beverage and you will be in the mood to connect with your favourite requests.

The culinary team

Menu engineering was led by the celebrated Chef Shaukat Ali Qureshi who comes from the legendary Qureshi clan.

Hailing from  royal chefs, the 200-year-old Qureshi family prides itself as the guardian of the rich legacy of Nawabi cuisine. Chef Qureshi has perfected the art of cooking like no other in his 40 years of career. His culinary journey took him to some of the finest Indian eateries including the world-famous Bukhara restaurant of Maurya Sheraton in Delhi.

Indian food at Gharana is certainly a proof of that and reveals a real mastery of flavour and texture.

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