• 15.11.2016

    Hi Ramesh,

    We had a great time and enjoyed the food. All my friends and family enjoyed the party.
    All liked the food and service very much and they loved it. All loved the Music very much.
    We will sure put our feedback and comments in Zomato.

    Thanks once again for your great service and support. You have great team and they really do good service.
    We will meet you again.

    OSN, Dubai

  • 23.03.2016

    Dear Ramesh,

    Mehta family is ever so thankful to you for your warm welcome to HOG guests on 22nd March at Gharana.

    Your hospitality was indeed overwhelming. A huge salutations to you and your staff. Your warmth and the excellent service was some thing to just keep talking about. The food was excellent and I assure you that I will promote your restaurant to some close friends as well.

    Thanks once again.

    Loads of love and regards,
    – Mrs. Mehta

  • 06.04.2015

    Thank you so much for making our Family dinner very Special. We thank you and your team for the efficient and friendly service in your lovely Restaurant yesterday.

    Live music and great food made it a great night. Special thanks to the Singer as well for taking unlimited request and rendering them nicely. All in all, a beautiful experience and we are

    bound to come back again.

    Thank you again Ramesh for running a smooth operation. You deserve all the Awards you have won.

    May God bless you and you team.

    – Naushad Hussain

  • Good Food

    – Jayant

  • 05.01.2015

    Lovely people and good food,  will recommend. Thank you

    – Sarah Fleming

  • 05.01.2015

    Only because we currently live outside of UAE. Arun & Tejavashi were very attentive, excellent customer care & attention to details

    – Laura Sullivan

  • 05.01.2015

    Exceptional flavour reminded me of South Africa, Indian. Food compliments to the Chef

    – D. Valla

  • 05.01.2015

    Fantastic evening and amazing food. Thank you

    – Rebecca Blades


  • 03.11.2014

    Always great dining. Thank you



  • 02.11.2014

    We liked the food


    – Ayaz Ahmed

  • 02.11.2014

    Thoroughly enjoyable


    – N. Kassam

  • 01.11.2014

    Excellent service and keep it up


    – Square Foko

  • 31.10.2014

    Very good meal and excellent staff. Thank you


  • 31.10.2014

    Lovely visit and experience,  would definitely come back


    – Divya Khanna

  • 30.10.2014

    All is alright and excellent


    – Atam Nathali

  • 30.10.2014

    Lovely food and staff. Thank you


    – Tammy Showell

  • 26.10.2014

    Overall good experience,  humble, attentive staff. Keep up the good work

    Sachin Chitale

  • Very good ambiance and worth spending a good evening.

    – Ravinder Moonjaw

  • Appreciate excellent service. Music was wonderful to enjoy. Appreciate hospitality and warm welcome, music was live. The staff are tremendous,  special thanks to Tejashri and Asif

    – Vaidya Ashutosh Anant

  • 21.10.2014

    First visit with friends. It was great with the songs played for my group

    Gaurav Katial

  • 16.10.2014

    For me it is best

    Rantamu Sansuly

  • 12.10.2014

    Very good service and very good meal

    – Ray Dashey

  • 09.10.2014

    Great food, service and ambiance


  • 05.10.2014

    Very good food and ambiance

    -Fredrik Jonsson

  • 10.07.2014

    We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for making this event a success at a very short notice.  We have received a positive reply from all our superiors & colleagues regarding the food that was served & the services provided by you.


    Kezia D’Costa

    M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Company

  • 17.06.2014

    The hospitality and attention of the staff is commendable and the best part of the culinary experience.

    Abraham Samuel

  • 16.06.2014

    Service was excellent.

    Manoj Kumar

  • 16.06.2014

    As usual Ramesh was great, musicians were satisfactory.

    Zahir Kair

  • 14.06.2014

    Great food and ambiance.

    Jigar Shah

  • 14.06.2014

    Excellent food.


  • 14.06.2014

    Nice Environment.

    Vikas Shinde

  • 9th August 2014

    “Very good service”


  • 8th August 2014

    “Excellent Service”

    Aarushi Makker

  • 7th August 2014

    “Friendly staff, attentive, lovely food. Would recommend.”

    Gavin Pinchin

  • 7th August 2014

    “Excellent food, music and surroundings. Service was also fantastic. Thank you.”

    Stephen McCool

  • 17.06.2014

    The hospitality and attention of the staff is commendable and the best part of the culinary experience.

    Abraham Samuel

  • 06.08.2014

    Nice food and excellent environment

    Kanchan Sala

  • 05.08.2014

    Thank you for playing

    Vivek Sanjay

  • 03.08.2014

    As usual good service. Thank you


  • 30th July 2014

    “Nice ambience with great music & musicians/singers. Loved it 🙂 Place to come again & again. V. good service & hospitality”

    Ajay Dua

  • 29th July 2014

    “Nice food. Very good value for money. Décor couldn’t be better. Good music. Overall a very good experience. Keep it up.”

    Shweta Pradip Sonawan

  • 27th July 2014

    “Cool. Good Food”


  • 24th July 2014

    “Good food and service. Thank you “


  • 21st July 2014

    “Excellent service from our waitress, she was very friendly & helpful”

    Peter Cotter

  • 18th July 2014

    “Excellent service by all the waiters.  Keep up the best service.”

    Rashida Nala

  • 15th July 2014

    “Good food, service + ambience”

    Bhavana Behl

  • 15th July 2014

    “We like this restaurant!”

    Gloria Macleod

  • 10th July 2014

    “Great place, great staff & very nice food. Thank you for the service.”

    Busannna Swamy

  • June 2014 30th

    “Good food. Good Service. Will be back again. Cheers!”

    Divya Bolia

  • 9th July 2014

    Nice ambience with good food

    Arpit Anand

  • 8th July 2014

    Good service and ambience

    Jane Reo

  • 6th July 2014

    The service was immaculate and perfect; the staff were professional and amazing!!!!

    Tommy Smith

  • 3rd July 2014

    Good food

    Deepika Anand

  • 2nd July 2014

    Great food, good ambience, facilities and service.


  • 2nd July 2014

    Overall good

    Kapil Soman

  • 1st July 2014

    One of the best services in UAE! Attentive, caring and cautious


  • 25th June 2014

    Our waitress was very elegant. 3rd time I’ve eaten Indian in 64 years, just Lovely!


  • 25th June 2014

    Great place to be in

    – Jaswinder Singh Vilkhu

  • 17.06.2014

    The hospitality and attention of the staff is commendable and the best part of the culinary experience

    Abraham Samuel

  • 16.06.2014

    Service was excellent

    -Manoj Kumar

  • 16.06.2014

    As usual, Ramesh was great, musicians were satisfactory and take extra care

    – Zahir Kair

  • 14.06.2014

    Great food and ambiance

    Jigar Shah

  • 14.06.2014

    Excellent food


  • 14.06.2014

    Nice Environment

    – Vikas Shinde

  • 14.06.2014

    Great ambiance,  not crowded and friendly staff

    -Anil Bhatia

  • 14.06.2014

    The food was tasty and delicious,  our family liked how you cooked it and the songs were good and I loved the food


  • 13.06.2014

    Good service, courtesy still good, Keep it up!


  • June 10, 2014

    Nice ambiance and service,  food was just what I was expecting

    Guy Lefebure

  • June 3, 2014

    Lovely singer and good biryani. Thanks


  • June 6, 2014

    Hospitality is very good.

    Malik Tahir

  • May 29, 2014

    Good food and food service by all

    R Sanicar

  • May 29, 2014

    Our dinner meal @ Gharana was absolutely delicious. It was well prepared and presented. The service was excellent in all areas.

    W. Haney

  • May 25 2014

    It was really good.

    Nihael Mazher

  • 14 May 2014

    Asif is a great man

    – Arif Kiran

  • 13 May 2014

    Awesome food,  beautiful ambiance and awesome singers. Very friendly staff

    – Ankita Sanera

  • 10 May 2014

    Singers are excellent. They make my presence very pleasant. Good voice and choices of songs

    – Vivek Kataria

  • 09 May 2014

    Leaving the country,  loved it though.

    – Deepika

  • 09 May 2014


    – Anudha Bhingarkar

  • 09 May 2014

    Good music, good food and good service

    – Sammer

  • 08 May 2014

    The food is very good. The hospitality is very nice

    – Tanvi and Ria Malhota

  • 06 May 2014

    Wonderful experience,  today is my daughter’s birthday

    – Shirani

  • 03 May 2014

    Perfect ambiance and the song collection by the singers is awesome

    – Abhilash Nair

  • 02 May 2014

    Fantastic food,  fabulous music, brilliant evening and amazing service

    -Julia Carr


  • 02 May 2014

    I come here for music privately and your music also

    – Kartik Bhatt


  • 02 May 2014

    Very cosy and friendly atmosphere. Will be happy to return,  very nice singers

    – Desai Shaitesh

  • 02 May 2014

    The service was to the expectations and very good

    – Prashant

  • 02 May 2014

    Excellent band, beautiful singers, very good talented Tabla player, Excellent,  must try for Bollywood. Thank you


  • 01 May 2014

    Excellent keep it up and keep serving the best.

    – Mayak Khanna


  • 30 April 2014

    Ramesh and the rest of the team are fantastic. Consistent quality of food service and make sure you reward them well.

    – Steve Hervey

  • “Everything was perfect. Music was good,  we enjoyed”

    – Pramod Surwase

  • 29 April 2014

    All excellent

    – Patel

  • 27 April 2014


    – Mitesh Bhimutavi

  • 25 April 2014

    Enjoyed the Eve. Thank you

    – Kapil K.

  • 25 April 2014

    Greet food, ambiance and great service. Excellent

    – Zubair Abad

  • 22 April 2014

    Excellent service, the most pleasant I ever experienced

    – Zamir

  • 21 April 2014

    Excellent food and amazing service

    – Paul O’Rourke

  • 21 April 2014

    Excellent service by Asif, great food and selection of songs. Great Singers

    – Mukhtar

  • 20 April 2014

    the food is excellent and service outstanding

    – Mariann D’souza

  • 19 April 2014

    wonderful service and food

    – Betsy Barnell

  • 19 April 2014

    Very friendly , helpful staff. We really enjoyed our evening

    – Jennifer Hofmann

  • 19 April 2014

    staff superb

    – Niel Tovey

  • 19 April 2014


    – Steve day

  • 18 April 2014

    The atmosphere is awesome. Enjoyed every moment

    – Archana Dalal

  • 17 April 2014

    Beautiful ambiance,  good service

    – Anand Kumar

  • 17 April 2014

    Excellent male singer,  unfortunately we didn’t hear the female singer. We’ll be back to here her for sure

    – Archana Dalal

  • 17 April 2014


    – Prabhu

  • 16 April 2014

    Male singer of live music is excellent

    – Prasad

  • 15 April 2014

    Very good service and tasty food

    – Brandwan

  • 15 April 2014

    Live music is excellent and food can be more spicy

    – Praful Patel

  • 12 April 2014

    Saturday Night food is good specially hot corner and music is very soothing,  singers are excellent

    – Neera Bhargana

  • 11 April 2014

    Thanks for your service and making my evening wonderful with my song

    – Prerak Mistry

  • 11 April 2014

    Nice food, lovely music with good service

    – Hasan

  • 09 April 2014

    Very good musician always to hear melodies. Keep it up

    – Amit

  • 08 April 2014

    Great music and food,  will definitely return

    – Mustapha Rajanali

  • 06 April 2014

    Great Service

    – Jamil Qamar

  • 03 April 2014

    We are always made very welcome at the Gharana. Ramesh is a star

    – Ruth Calvin

  • 03 April 2014

    Excellent in overall and respect

    – Atai Bist

  • 03 April 2014

    lovely ambiance and awesome music with superb sing

    – Jesna Monteiro

  • 02 April 2014

    Great meal with lovely surroundings

    – Rob

  • A perfect ambiance with the lilting melody of ghazals filled in the atmosphere, reminds us of the old days

    – Praveen Dudani

  • 02 April 2014

    Excellent regional menu, lots of rare dishes, Live Indian music not too loud, great service and affordable price

    – Ian E.

  • 02 April 2014

    Great meal with lovely surroundings

    – Rob

  • 31 March 2014

    Good service, friendly and great atmosphere

    – J Nelle

  • 28 March 2014

    Food is too good and service good. Never felt like a new place, homely feel. Thanks to all the staff

    – Asha Ajith

  • 28 March 2014

    Excellent staff and food

    – Unniveevee

  • March 25, 2014

    Your welcome staff is doing a good job. I like it.

    – Joseph Mathew

  • March 25, 2014

    Excellent service yet again,  also food excellent. We will be back again for sure

    – Maria Simpson Reader

  • March 24,  2014

    Excellent food, wonderful ambiance and perfect music

    – Piyush Surana

  • March 22, 2014

    Very good food

    – Sarah


  • March 22, 2014

    Excellent food combined with very good service and soulful singing, enjoyed the evening

    – Ashok Narayan

  • March 22, 2014

    Ambiance is very good,  also the food and music

    – Elsy Jacob

  • March 20, 2014

    Nice singer and good food

    – Eric Rusty

  • March 20 2014

    Good experience on my first visit. Good singer

    – Terizin

  • 17 March 2014

    Very good.


  • March 15, 2014

    Excellent service, very friendly, prompt and wonderful service with a smile from wonderful people. Comfortable and warm atmosphere.


  • March 15, 2014

    Very good ambience and excellent food. Beautiful décor and melodious live music

    -Surender Kaur

  • March 15, 2014

    Very friendly attentive service

    -Evanc Judithann

  • March 15, 2014

    Excellent as always!!

    -Waithe Tony

  • March 14, 2014

    It was a pleasure to dine here.

    -Hoffman Erika

  • March 14, 2014

    Food and music are both best on its own right. Each dish keep its taste differently especially butter chicken is better than any other restaurant and the singers have good gifted voices.

    – Arof

  • March 15, 2014

    From Mr. Ramesh to our waiter Mr. Asif as always excellent

    – Titeshli Bhimviani

  • March 12, 2014

    You have beautiful restaurant, the most lovely staff

    – Laura

  • March 12 2014

    Good food and service


  • March 11 2014

    Good food, music, ambiance and service

    – Praveem Tando

  • March 11 2014

    Very good service and tasty food

    -S. Vaghadia

  • March 10 2014

    Very good

    -V N Wiese

  • 04 March 2014

    Excellent food quality and rocking band

    -Ishita Vasishth

  • 01 March 2014

    Great food and music

    -Rekha Modhwadia

  • 26th February, 2014

    “Keep it up.”

    -Mr. Balaji

  • 25th February, 2014

    “Superb food, fresh and full of flavor. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good Music.”

    – Mr. Cadamczyk

  • 25th February, 2014

    “Everything is excellent.”

    – Mr. Hassan

  • 25th February, 2014

    “Friendliest and most peaceful atmospheric restaurant. Staff were amazing and very attentive. The singers had lovely voice, enjoyed my dinner a lot.”

    – Mr. Sumeet Kumar

  • 24th February, 2014

    “Excellent service, excellent food, excellent music.”

    – Mr. Kumar Manwani

  • 24th February 2014

    “The staff very attentive at all times during our meal.”

    – Mr. Paul Hogan

  • 21st February 2014

    “Service excellent! For our tastes, foos perhaps a little rich. But altogether, very welcoming.”

    – Mr. John

  • 20th February 2014

    “Good keep it up!”

    – Mr. Arul Raj

  • February 2014

    “Just loved the place”

    – Sanjay Karira

  • February 2014


    – Anjana Ashwin Faghada

  • 16 February 2014

    “Spectacular service, everything is toooo hot”

    – Ayiol Rathod

  • 15 February 2014

    “Excellent in house service, great live band.”

    – Sudeep

  • 14 February 2014

    “Had a pleasant evening”

    – Elango Chandran

  • 1 February 2014

    “Arun was a good waiter. Keep it up.”

    – Matt Oakley

  • 5th February, 2014

    “Good service & food”

    – Mr. Anurag

  • 7th February, 2014

    “Really good food & Ambiance, love the ghazal music.”

    – Ms. Nikita

  • 8th February, 2014

    “Gharana is a place where we feel the warmth of family environment & the Rhythm of LOVE”

    – Ms. Mehrnaz Zolfaghari

  • 11th February, 2014

    “Very lovely staff, service & Food”

    – Ms. Angela Evans

  • 9th February, 2014

    “Nice to meet new staff and food quality, Always good see you next month!!!”

    – Mr. Steve

  • 11th February, 2014

    “As we are only on Holiday we do not need info. We will return when we next visit Dubai.”

    – Mr. Scouller

  • 12th February, 2014

    “Tejashvi was the best in service, thanks to her to make us happy with dinner…”

    – Mr. Vinykesh Patni

  • 12th February, 2014

    “Good Service, friendly Staff”

    – Mr. Niraj Dessai

  • 12th February, 2014

    “Excellent Staff”

    – Mr. Nic

  • 7th February 2014

    “Very Good, on vacation or I would Subscribe to promotions”

    – Mr. Watson

  • 7th February 2014

    “This is a wonderful restaurant. We are definitely coming here again!”

    – Suomya Murali

  • 11th February 2014

    “Excellent food”

    -Mr. Vifal R. Bhavsar

  • 3 February 2014

    “The music is the soul of this place, simply mesmerizing. Our server, Arjun was excellent and very professional and courteous.”

    – Siddarth

  • 2 February 2014

    “Again excellent food and service. Even on a busy night! One of my favourites in Dubai”

    -Scott Knight

  • 31 January 2014

    “Service + food fantastic.”

    -Hannah Raine

  • February 2014

    “Live band was a nice surprise. This Indian restaurant is a lot better than others in the local area. Staff very good. Jeera Pulao excellent.”

    – Scott Knight

  • 1st February 2014

    “Could not ask for a better venue to celebrate together. Thank you for your hospitality”

    – J. Lupton

  • 20th January 2014

    “Hostess magnificent”

    John Lowe

  • 16th January 2014

    “Excellent service on a personal level. A first time visit was made most enjoyable.”

    Mr. & Mrs. Riley/ Mr. & Mrs. Dixon

  • 9th January 2014

    “Lovely evening, very friendly efficient staff. Thank you”


  • 15 January 2014

    “Service was very good. Well looked after.”

    Shradha Rath

  • 12 January 2014

    “Great Place”

    Paul Nair

  • 03 January 2014

    Superb. Keep it up. Excellent service by Tejashvi

    Chet Mayayan Yadav (Chimtu)

  • 01 January 2014

    Excellent musicians and ambiance. The service was also great.

    Sudhir Kapadia

  • 30 December 2013

    Fantastic service & food. We will return. Staff was absolutely fantastic, attentive and accommodating.

    We felt very welcome.


  • 20th December 2013

    “Keep up the good taste!!!”

    Rajeev Sethi

  • 20th December 2013

    “Absolutely wonderful food, consistently”

    Jehan Panhiaki

  • 20th December 2013

    “I felt good Music very inspiring Food excellent”

    Adriaho Zamboni

  • 18th December 2013

    “Very good food and service”

    Norman John Vaz

  • 19th December 2013

    “It’s a relaxing & very inviting ambience. I’m sure you could accommodate a larger crowd with more space”

    Ms. Fouzia Sohail

  • A late night e-mail to you and the entire team at Gharana for a wonderful evening of exquisite food and music.  The food was especially delicious and compliments to the chef who came out to say hello to the table.  All the guests were very happy with the quality of the food and the menu selection.  They all also enjoyed the wonderful music and kept the singers going with their continuous requests.

    A special compliment and thank you to Mr. Lokesh and his team of servers at Gharana, who looked after us and spoiled us thoroughly.

    We look forward to bringing our next set of guests to your wonderful establishment.

    Deenaz Kanji
    Executive Officer, ITREB UAE
    Ismaili Centre Dubai

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