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And we’re talking about closely guarded recipes handed down over generations by word of mouth

  • By Faisal Masudi, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 June 9, 2011
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  • Enjoy your fill: A non-vegetarian kebab platter at Gharana restaurant.

Dubai: Meat lovers are in for a treat this summer with a platter of lip-smacking kebabs being dished out at the Indian restaurant Gharana in Holiday Inn Barsha, Dubai.

The Dh85 deal includes a total of eight varieties – of mutton, chicken, fish and prawn – plus a refreshingly cool mock-tail to wash down the delights. The kebabs are served on a large plate good enough for two people.

The Shikampuri kebab is a patty of deep-fried minced lamb with a spicy kick. It is soft and tender on the inside with a crispy outer crust. A touch of saffron makes this kebab an especially exotic item on the menu.

The chicken, meanwhile, boasts the Murgh Pakeeza. It is covered with a batter studded with sesame seeds. The meat tastes a bit smoky and is a sign of its well-done texture. It is not minced but rather taken mainly from the breast portion of chicken.

The sea food includes the Mahi Tikka Afghani. It is an extremely fine fillet of a popular local fish called hamour. In a strict sense the Mahi is not a kebab – but you won’t be too worried over technicalities after the first bite. There is a hint of salt and saffron in it – the other ingredients are secret (and delicious). The chef says the dish is originally from Afghanistan and has been left largely unchanged. The texture is incredibly tender owing to the marinating yogurt sauce.

Another mouth-watering dish from the sea is the Tandoori Nisha (prawn). It tastes less like prawn and more like fish. There is also the fact that it is cooked in the traditional clay oven called tandoor, after being marinated for hours in a slightly spicy yogurt sauce. This selection of white meat is sure to win over guests who are seeking out-of-the-ordinary flavours.

The hotel’s general manager said the recipes for the “rare and unusual kebabs” are closely guarded family secrets that have been handed down by word of mouth. The vegetarian kebabs there are certainly hard to find. And the odd part is some of them look and taste like meat kebabs.

The vegetarian platter costs Dh75 and includes seven selections of tandoor-cooked or fried portions of potatoes, mixed vegetables, cheese and green peas. Diners can also mix it all up with a Dh95 mixed platter. So have your fill.

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