Punjabi Cuisine increase in Global Demand

Punjabi Cuisine increase in Global Demand

Punjabi food is in great demand from people belonging to all regions of India. The fame of Punjabi cuisine is already well established abroad thanks to the vast spread of Indian people and the many popular Indian restaurants.

Robust Food

Punjabi people are generally strong and healthy and their food carries that trait. The traditional food reflects the philosophy of Punjabis— eat, drink and be merry. The cuisine is sumptuous and provides strength after hard work.

Perhaps the hallmark of Punjabi cuisine is its amazing taste and the innovative ways it is prepared. Punjab has a preference of spices with cooking methods varying on a regional basis.

Unlike in restaurants; homemade dishes of Punjab are not so heavy in ghee or butter.

Regional dishes

Famous regional dishes of Punjab include Sarson da saag ,Tandoori chicken, Shami kebab and Makki di roti among others. Popular Indian dishes marketed to non-Indian customers such as tandoor roti, naan, pakoras and vegetable dishes made of paneer are from Punjab.

Punjabi Makki Di Roti

Popular Punjabi Dishes

The most popular Punjab dishes are ma ki dal, rajma and stuffed parathas.

For non -vegetarian lovers, the following list will be useful.

  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Curry with Tomatoes
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Chicken Tikkas
  • Fried Garlic Pepper Chicken
  • Amritsari Fish
  • Murgh Musallam Chicken Curry
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Zeera Murg (Cumin Chicken)

indian restaurant tandoori chicken

In murg makhani a lot of pure ghee and butter are used. Each region of Punjab has their own distinct food preferences. For example, in Amritsar stuffed parathas and milk products are the most favoured.

saag gosth


Punjabi food is marked for its extensive use of onions, ginger and garlic as taste enhancers. In a traditional Punjabi thali an array of breads and spicy curries converge; tandoori roti, naan, kulcha and lachha paratha among others.

North Indian Cuisine

Most of Punjabi breads are dry baked on a tava. They include chapatti and jowar ki roti. Another fabulous roti is rumali roti which is larger and is easily digestible.

The shallow breads include fried paratha and deep fried ones called puri and bhatoora.

Milk Products

In Punjab, no meal is complete without a lassi, which is a sweet or salted drink made of curd.

Punjabi Makhaniya Lassi


The history of Punjabi cuisine is insulated from the use of intricate marinades or exotic sauces. It has full-bodied masalas (spices) cooked with desi ghee, butter or cream. Milk products are an essential part of cooking. Curd and buttermilk form the vital component of all Punjabi meals.


Rice is noted for its selective consumption and is eaten with onions, Rajma or Kadhi. Rajma with rice or Kadhi is usually for holidays and festival days. In winter there is a special rice preparation by cooking rice with peas to make matarwale chawal. Rao Ki Kheer is a delicacy made of rice which is cooked on a slow fire for long hours before adding sugar cane juice.

The mouth watering delicacies of Punjabi food can be enjoyed at exotic Indian restaurants in your city. Have fun selecting the yummiest of Punjabi cuisine.

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