Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Royal Jaipur Cuisine

Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Royal Jaipur Cuisine

“With all its richness and regality, Jaipur or the “Pink City” of India has a lot to bowl you over. Rich heritage, warm hospitality, stunning forts, resonant culture, a plethora of shopping options and sumptuous cuisine— the beautiful state of Rajasthan has it all!”

Welcome to Jaipur, the perfect gateway to colourful, bubbly and royal Rajasthan! The capital city of the largest state of India, Jaipur is an ideal blend of heritage and bustle of the metropolis, which will surely leave you in sheer awe. A trip to this amazing city is incomplete without sinking your taste buds into authentic Indian food of Rajasthan.

Jaipur cuisine
The cuisine of the “Pink City” is a wonderful reflection of the grandeur and prestige of India. Mouth-watering delicacies are synonymous with Jaipur. Whether you’re craving for Laal Maas, Dal Baati Churma, Ghevar or Kachoris, Jaipur is no less like heaven for foodies. If you’re new to Indian cuisine you can start your sweet & sour journey with Dal Baati Churma, the flagship dish of Jaipur cuisine and lip-smacking Mawa Kachori.

Let’s take a quick look at the best dishes to try in the PINK CITY:

Dal Baati Churma

If you fancy trying some of Rajasthan’s local cuisines, Jaipur has a lot to offer you. Dal Baati Churma is one of the most popular meals here. It is a blend of three different food items. Lentil curry or the dal is served with a round ball or Churma, which is prepared with jaggery flour and topped with a generous portion of ghee.

The local method of eating it is to crush the Baati like bread then mix in some Churma or Daal. Pour generous helpings of pure ghee on top and savour it.

Mawa Kachori

Puff pastry filled with sugar, nuts and cream is a dish that a sweet lover should not miss. The generously fried pastry is filled with thickened milk (Mawa), garnished with dried fruits and then dipped in hot sugar syrup.

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Laal Maas

Those who think Jaipur’s food is mainly vegetarian, have certainly not relished the spicy non-veg items here. Straight from the kitchens of the royal maharajas, the real edition is no longer constrained to the palace, but is found abundantly throughout Rajasthan. Made with fiery red chillies with the right blend of spices and red meat, this dish is a highly recommended non-vegetarian indulgence.

Jaipur cuisine
Gatte Ki Sabzi

Try it once and the amazing taste will compel you to savour it again and again. A curd based curry with flour dumplings known as Gatte. These dumplings are cut into small pieces and then set in a thick gravy of spicy curd. This dish is a bit spicy and tangy. It is also served with Dal Baati Churma as a side dish, but you can eat it with tandoori roti or chapattis as well.


A must try for those with a sweet tooth! Ghewar is another favourite that belongs to Jaipur. This sweet is a must during festivals like Gangaur and Teej and is available in many varieties. A generously fried treat with a crispy and sugary crust, Ghewar is a sweet that should be on your dessert list.

Cuisines of Jaipur in their own comfortable shell depict the honour and dignity of the city in Rajasthan.

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