Saturday Street Food Night at Gharana Restaurant, Dubai

Saturday Street Food Night at Gharana Restaurant, Dubai

Whether it is a shawarma in Dubai, a hot dog in Chicago or the waffles in Belgium, street food has its own charm and taste. It’s so much fun to watch the road side vendors and mobile cart hawkers prepare their customer’s order fresh in front of the eyes. The sounds and the aroma really work as an appetizer! Talking of street food, India is one of the most famous hubs of an unending menu of street food and Gharana Restaurant in Holiday Inn Dubai-Al Barsha celebrates the four Gharana’s of Street food belonging to India, in a specialty ‘Food Night’ every Saturday from 7pm onwards. Have a glimpse at the four cuisines: – Hyderabad – Punjab – Jaipur – Lucknow

Event: Indian Street Food Nights at Gharana
When: Every Saturday
Where: Gharana, lobby level of Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha
Price: AED 95 per person

Gharana Street Food Night

You may have gone to many restaurants and eaten the best of food in a suave manner. But that still deprives you of the pleasure of watching the live preparation of the food which is as much of a show as the taste of the dish!

Agreed that the comfort of sitting inside a restaurant and having a delicious meal is a great idea but then the impact of sizzling woks and hot barbecue is usually a hidden story taking place behind the kitchen door of the restaurant, So here is the opportunity to go and eat mouth watering street food dishes in Dubai and be enticed by watching how a skilful chef prepares the dish for you in from of your eyes while you savour the aroma and sight of the food! The Gharana is doing the challenging yet wonderful task of presenting street dishes from four Indian regions with distinctly exclusive gastronomical delights of Punjab, Jaipur, Lucknow and Hyderabad and just one team of chefs preparing the variety with equal ease!!

gharana best indian street food

Live cooking stalls will bring you the magic of the ‘gallis’ (streets) of Hyderabad, Punjab, Jaipur and Lucknow that will come alive with the most delectable whiff of scrumptious food drawing people towards them. The Street Food Night menu at Gharana is a tantalizing choice of delicious kebabs, spicy chaats and tempting biriyanis which are sure to leave you asking for more!! And that longing for more can be satiated with their unmatched choice of desserts comprising the likes of the Punjabi Gulab Jamun and Matka Falooda, the Lucknowi Lychee Rabdi, the Hyderabadi Phirnee and the Lucknowi Kemami Zarda Pulao which can best compliment your Street Food experience.

Priced at a nominal AED 95 per person, excellent food is not the only thing that you are getting here. You will enjoy your food with musical accompaniment by the internationally acclaimed Gulzar playing the sounds from the mountains and the seas on his flutes.

gharana authentic indian street food

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