10 Types of Indian Parathas You Must Try!

10 Types of Indian Parathas You Must Try!

Indian cuisine is spreading wings rapidly in all the corners of earth due to its unique taste and aroma. And when we talk about Indian food, Paratha, parantha or parauntha can’t be missed from the platter of a foodie folk. Indian flatbreads are mainly prepared from the blend of whole-wheat flour, lentils, veggies, and peppery spices. Fill them with dal, boiled mashed potatoes, or green veggies, or make them fluffy and light parathas will definitely compel you to grab some more bites. Let’s sneak a quick look at some tastiest and flavorful Parathas that will surely delight your taste buds!

1. Aloo Paratha

Aloo paratha is the most popular Indian flatbread and you can try this in a good Indian restaurant. An ideal meal for breakfast, Aloo ka paratha is stuffed with mashed and boiled potatoes, together with other spicy ingredients like green chilies, mustard seeds, roasted peanuts…and the list is endless. Then glisten it up with butter. Now relish your aloo ka paratha with pickle, dollops of butter and sweet curd! Yummm!

Aloo Paratha
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2. Cheese Paratha

Be it a small quantity of yummy mozzarella or a slice of processed cheese, you just can’t say that you like Indian breads if you haven’t tasted this lip-smacking turn to your daily brunch. Rather than common filing of boiled and mashed potatoes, just mix sliced cheese or the grated one in this. Afterwards fry it like other Parathas. Now have them with peppery chili sauce and chilled curd!

Cheese Paratha
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3. Vegetable Paratha

A nutritious and mouth-watering Indian bread, vegetable paratha is filled with wheat flour and fresh green veggies. The lightly fried bread is a tasty way to get the richness of vegetables. To prepare this bread in a better and simpler way without missing the nutrients, several veggies are sautéed and assorted with flour to prepare the dough. Try it with mango pickle and you are sure to lick your fingers!

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Vegetable Paratha
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4. Dal Paratha

This delicious Indian bread is prepared with the exotic combination of spices, protein rich lentils and whole-wheat flour. The protein rich paratha energizes the body and tastes best with chili pickle. Dal paratha is similar to other flatbreads; however the main difference is in the filling, the blend of warily chosen spices and cooked yellow Bengal gram lentil make it a flavorful treat for your taste buds.

Dal Paratha
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5. Chili and Paneer Paratha

Another part of this yummy journey…Paneer Paratha is prepared with spicy red chili sauce (the one you get with momos) and Indian cottage cheese. And it goes without thinking twice that this dish might not be friendly for colon system. Thus, we recommend you to have it in a small quantity as it will literally put pressure on your stomach. Chili and paneer paratha tastes well with plain chilled curd.

Chili and Paneer Paratha
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6. Laccha Paratha

Laccha Paratha or paratwala paratha is a crispy multi-layered bread of Indian cuisine, which is prepared with sumptuous amount of oil. Shallow fry it with 1-2 tbsp of oil and enjoy the mouth-watering taste with simple dal or shahi paneer. This Indian bread turns out to be very delightful and crunchy for your taste buds!

Laccha Paratha
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7. Halwa Paratha

This lip-smacking dish is perfect for chilly weather. The drill is easy; just prepare dough with powdered sugar, milk and wheat flour. Prepare halwa with Semolina or you can buy the same from a local shop. Then fill the sugary Semolina in a small part of dough and roll it. This one will literally put your taste buds on fire as it is as heavy as a cistern!

8. Gobhi Paratha

Hot stuffed breads, served right away off the frying pan, along with pickles, homemade curd and spoonful of butter…aah bliss! Gobhi Paratha is another popular type and prepared with grated cauliflower and different spices in the stuffing. You can also add mashed potatoes and crumbled cottage cheese to improve the taste.

Gobhi Paratha
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9. Onion Paratha

How about relishing the peppery filling of crispy golden brown onions, red tomatoes and soft potatoes? The spicy blend of tomatoes, coriander and onions makes this dish tangy and nice, and easily available at most of the good Indian restaurants. Go ahead and have these crispy breads…they will surely win your heart in just few refreshing bites!

Onion Paratha
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10. Sattu Paratha

Roasted gram flour or sattu is mainly loved by people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Although this type is not so popular, yet it is commonly seen in many homes waiting for the recognition it actually be worthy of. Sattu ke paranthe is a nutritious brunch option and you can make these delicious breads by roasted chana dal and other ingredients. Serve hot with pickle and curd!

Sattu Paratha
Source: https://goo.gl/E1tFPB

Now sink your teeth into these spicy, butter-oozing and yummilicious Parathas without worrying about those extra kilos you might put on!

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