Celebrate Life With Delicious Indian Desserts

Celebrate Life With Delicious Indian Desserts

The reason why Indian food is popular across the world is its uniqueness and authenticity. Equally famous are sweets and desserts from India that round up any course of food striking a complete balance.

Indian sweets are mostly derived from milk, they are locally known by the name mithai and are made of ingredients ranging from vegetables, fruits, grains and milk. Some of the most famous Indian sweets and desserts will be discussed here.

Indian Sweet

King of Sweets

The most popular Indian sweet is rasgulla and available in all parts of India. Made of casein sugar boiled in sugar syrup and dried, it is world class.

Ras Malai is another sweet served with dried fruits. As a delicacy it resembles a dumpling made of cheese and cardamom. In this is thickened milk soaked in sugar syrup.


The name Gulab means rose coming from the rose flavored sugar syrup and Jamun the dark color of the cooked sweet.

Gulab Jamun

Ras Malai is served at room temperature and eaten with ice cream. Cham Cham sweets are intended for loved ones and called Pleasure Boats.

Mysore Pak: This is popular in all parts of India and abroad though it is a delicious fudge of South India, an unforgettable taste with a granular texture. In its preparation, lots of ghee is used in which the bulk is drained out while cooking.

Shrikhand is a milk based mithai made of full cream and low fat yogurt. Easy Mango Kulfi is a staple dessert of kids. It is the simplest dessert. Rava Laddoo is another delicacy easy to prepare and popular for its simplicity, easy availability and rich taste.

Given the vastness and diversity of India there is more to discover and try. Mithais are a way of life for all Indians and is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. Indian sweets are also a tool for sharing joy and friendship during festivals and social functions where the ubiquitous ladoo and jilebi play a memorable role in accentuating happiness.



Desserts are an integral part of Indian cuisine. The milk based desserts have a predominant role to play. These sweets dishes are available in all parts of the country. Desserts of India range from the exotic ice cream, kulfi of mango or rose.

Made of fruit, nuts, spices and milk ; Indian desserts get decorated with cardamom, almonds and cashew nuts. There are fruits such as

    • Mango
    • Pineapple
    • Cherries
    • Orange
    • Banana


Payasam: This is the most famous south Indian Sweet dish. Paal payasam is a permanent fixture on any festive occasion. To prepare this, you have to cook the milk on a slow flame for long until it gains a rich flavour and condensed to prepare it faster.

When enjoying Indian food at a restaurant, do try one of these delicious sweets to end a perfect meal.

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